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Introducing the new LM 44

The LM 44 is a powerful, full-featured digital audio system processor based on the highly acclaimed Lake Processing technology.

As its name suggests, LM 44 features 4-in / 4-out analog configuration, while also accommodating 8-in/8-out AES3 and 4-in/8-out Dante digital audio transport. The LM 44 benefits from the latest implementation of Lake’s iconic ‘Mesa EQ’ configuration, utilizing 4 Mesa modules, each with an independent input mixer and output signal processing chain. With this configuration, the LM 44 is ideally suited for a wider range of applications, including as a mix-matrix and full system EQ when sitting between a mixer and virtually any high-end performance loudspeaker system.

Other possible assignments include switching between consoles on large events, inserted EQ for monitor systems, FOH-to-stage digital transmission, line driver for self-powered systems, and as a Dante break-in/break-out box.

Download the latest LM Series documentation.

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