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The advanced technology of Lake Processing provides audio professionals with unparalleled power to shape and optimize sound in a variety of environments. Regardless of the make or type of loudspeaker system, the venue size or acoustics, or the program material, Lake Processing will help you create a more consistent sound with less time and hassle in system set-up.

LM 26 and PLM Series devices contain two full-featured Lake Processor modules, each offering precise settings for gain, delay, crossover slope, equalization, and limiting. Exclusive Lake Processing algorithms are included for Raised Cosine Equalization, and linear phase. In addition, Lake Processing also incorporates Iso-Floatâ„¢ ground isolation, a cost-effective and audibly superior alternative to isolation transformers.

Mesa EQ.

Mesa EQ.

Mesa EQ

Mesa EQ gives sound engineers a faster, more effective optimization tool—one that can truly match the asymmetrical responses of loudspeakers.

Ideal Graphic EQ.

Ideal Graphic EQ.

Ideal Graphic EQ

Ideal Graphic EQ is not implemented in the traditional manner, but instead uses Raised Cosine Filters that provide better selectivity than conventional filters. Ideal Graphic EQ filters sum to flat, thus providing a true response equalizer. This results in controls that provide exactly what is expected by the end user.

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